Specialized Housing, Inc.
Supporting Adults with Developmental, Intellectual, and Related Disabilities 
Since 1983

Openings in our South Portland, Maine houses at 14 E and 20 EStreet
A Home-ownership program

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Contact Mary Chris Semrow  mcsemrowshi@gmail.com  207-712-0289

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Under Construction

Opening April 2018

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Portland Press Herald article about second Maine program
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Join the core group of families and residents as they design a home in South Portland for 10 residents

14 E Street and 20 E are houses for adults with developmental,  intellectual, and related disabilities to live together where they can achieve greater independence and be supported by caring staff.

           What do residents like about living here?

                                     Gaining new skills
                                     Reduced loneliness people experience living alone
                                     Security and Safety
                                     Pride of Ownership
                                     Strong sense of community

         Why do parents consider this program?

       Limited alternatives to living at home
             Aging parents need to make a lasting plan
                     The desire for a community/family like setting
vs. living alone
             Lack of funding or unlikely funding from
State/Federal Programs
                  Security of residence - not subject to whims
of a landlord